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Your general contractor for professional implementations. 

The structural implementation of a project requires comprehensive detailed knowledge, optimal planning and coordination with the individual suppliers. As a general contractor, BauProjekt is responsible for exactly these tasks. Thanks to years of experience in this sensitive area, the BauProjekt specialists know exactly what really matters in professional implementation.

BauProjekt leaves nothing to chance, but takes care of every conceivable detail from start to finish. This includes the superordinate project organization and project management, the coordination of the project participants, the complete scheduling coordination of all professionals involved in the construction, the comprehensive interface management, the actual implementation as well as the “trouble shooting” just in case …

Of course, we are at your service as well in the preparation phase as in the following implementation. Our team of experts will be happy to take on all tasks related to your personal construction project, such as:

  • Architecture and planning by professionals 
  • Appraisal activities in construction and real estate

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