Construction Project Services.

What we can do for you as a general contractor.

As a general contractor, we are responsible for the entire handling of your construction project. This starts with the planning and does not end with the implementation with external professionals. Construction projects that are subject to difficult conditions, such as very short construction times, high cost pressure, complex contractual constellations, great technical complexity, etc., must be supervised by a special, coordinating or project-managing authority in order to ensure the eventual success of the project.

This results in our tasks …

  • superordinate project organization / project management – the classic and all-encompassing services as a general contractor
  • Coordination of project participants – ensuring a smooth flow of information, controlling the planning and timing of the various specialists, etc.
  • Appointment coordination – special tracking and coordination of defined individual appointments up to a high level of detailed planning and/or construction processes
  • Interface management – Special coordination and review of interfaces, e.g. among different planning participants or between planning participants and construction companies, etc.  
  • Trouble – Shooting” – special, short-term use for project-endangering, short-term problems in the project process
  • Implementation – the actual construction activity in interaction with all supplying professionals.

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